Cruise control for Toyota series

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Cruise Control Fit For Toyota

Item No. Cruise Control toyota

Key Features:


1. Release foot & avoid long time driving fatigue

2. Save fuel & enviroment protection

3. Comply with traffic speed limited requirement & avoid punishment

4. Press switch to turn on the cruise control

Cruise handle
Throttle connector

Main feature

1.Fixed speed cruise function operation

(1)Opening and closing cruise devices

(2)Control the speed of the car

(3)Change the setting speed

(4)Overtaking operation

2.Speed limit function (commonly used in speed limit function controller)

(1)Opening and closing speed limiting devices

(2)Limited speed setting and adjustment

3.Electronic throttle output control function

4.Fuel consumption reminder

5.Average fuel consumption

6.Digital speedometer function

7.Fatigue reminder

8.Brake circuit fault detection tips

Technical parameters

Voltage: 12 ~16V

Working current: <80mA

Working temperature: -40℃~+85℃

The use of roads: grade three or three above the stangard highway.

Fixed speed range: 30kn/h to 180km/h

The lifespan of the handle :>100,000 times.

EASYGUARD cruise control system fit for Toyota car
Car ModelYearCar ModelYear
Highlander2008-2019Yaris L2009-2019
Hilux Revo2015-2019RAV42008-2019
Land cruiser/FJ2008-2019  
If your car is not in above list, please contact us for availability check!