2 Way Car Alarm System with Remote Starter

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EASYGUARD 2 Way Car Alarm System 1.73 inch Big LCD Pager Display 

Remote Starter Turbo Timer Mode Shock Warning DC12V

Item No. EC201-M9

Key Features:

1. 2 way car alarm system
2. remote engine start
3. Timer engine start
4. LCD pager display
5. Long remote working distance

remote start
m9 remote of ec201-m9

Main feature

Arm/ disarm
Mute arm
Shock sensor
Door intruding alarm
ACC ON trigger
Siren pause
Remote trunk release
Door opening flash lights turn on/off setting
Emergency disarm
Arm reminding and auto-arm




Door unclosed well reminding
anti-false disarm
Central door locking automation
Timer engine start
Panic mode/car finding
Power off memory
Window rolls up automatically (optional)
Music audible reminding
Electrical/Pneumatic central locking (default is electrical locking)
Code learning/ Programming metho