PKE car Alarm Remote Starter keyless entry system

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EASYGUARD PKE car Alarm with keyless go Remote Starter Passive keyless Entry Proximity Unlock DC12V

Item No. EC010

Main Features:

1. PKE-passive keyless entry
2. remote engine start and stop
3. Upgrade key start to Push start button
4. shock alarm warning
5. microwave sensor (optional)


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More function

1.Push button start/stop
2.PKE-passive keyless entry
3.Manual arm/lock & disarm/unlock
4.Mute/audible alarm
5.Remote trunk release( Extra trunk release solenoid kit may require)
6.Panic mode
7.Valet mode on/off setting
8.Remote engine start/stop

10.Central door locking automation( can be disable or enable)
11.Shock warning
12.Emergency override
13.Automatic window closing (optional, extra window closer module may require)
14.Programming method
15. Microwave sensor detection