Plug Play PKE remote starter fit for Mercedes Benz

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EASYGUARD plug&play remote starter fit for Mercedes Benz with key start, push engine stop pke keyless entry​

Item No. EC002PP-BE(B)

Main feature

1. Push start stop button
2. PKE-passive keyless entry
3. NFC card keyless entry
4. Remote engine start/stop
5. Manual arm/lock
6. Manual disarm/unlock
7. Mute alarm/audible alarm
8. Remote trunk release
9. APP control is available
10. NFC card keyless entry
11. Panic mode/car finding
12. PKE on/off setting

14.Alarm trigger by illegal door opening
15.Central door locking automation
16.Intelligent power off in arm status
17.Door unlock well warning
18.Alarm reminder
19.Door opening while driving warning
20.Emergency override
21.Power saving & car battery low power protection
22.Automatic window closing (optional, additional window closer module is required

EASYGUARD PLUG PLAY PKE kit remote starter fit for BENZ CARS
BrandCar Model & year Chassis No.Model NO.With fatory push start
Fit for BenzFit for 15-18 Benz C class/ 16-19 GLC/ 14-17 S classW205,X253,EC211PP(B)-BE2yes
Fit for 13-16 Benz E class/ 13-15 GLK/ 12-18 CLS EC211PP(B)-BE2yes
Fit for 16-18 A CLASS/ 16-18 CLA/ 15-19 Benz GLE/ 16-19 GLA/ 15-19 GLS/13-15 ML/13-15 GLW166,X156,X166EC211PP(B)-BE2yes
Fit for 19-21 E class hybrid/ 18-22 CLS hybrid EC211PP(B)-BE2yes
Fit for  18-19 Benz C class hybrid/20-21 S class hybrid/ 22 E CLASS hybrid EC211PP(B)-BE2yes
Fit for 17-20 E class(gas engine)/ 18-22 CLS GAS EC211PP(B)-BE2yes
Fit for 18-22 Benz S class(gas engine) EC211PP(B)-BE2yes
Fit for 19-20 Benz GLC/ 19-21 C class(gas engine)/ 21-22 E CLASS GAS EC211PP(B)-BE2yes
Fit for 2019 Benz A class/ 20 GLA EC211PP(B)-BE2-19Ayes
20-22 GLE hybrid/ 20-22 GLS hybrid EC211PP(B)-BE2yes
19-22 G CLASS EC211PP(B)-BE2yes
20-22 GLE GAS EC211PP(B)-BE2yes
Fit for 2020 Benz A class/B class/CLA/GLB/GLA EC211PP(B)-BE2yes
Fit for Smart 2009+ EC002PP(B)-BE2no
Fit for 13-15 Benz GLK(Need confirm air conditioner shape)/09-14 E class(domestic)/13-14 E class/13-14 E-Coupe/12-18 CLS/11-15 SLK/16-19 SLCX204,W212,W218,R172,EC002PP(B)-BE2-0914Eno
Fit for 13-15 Benz ML/13-15 GL/16-18 GLS/12-18 GLA//12-18 CLA/12-16 B class/BJ90/13-18 G class(Chrome plated steering)/11-15 A classW166,X156,X166,W246,W463,W176EC002PP(B)-BE2no
Fit for 16-22 Benz V class/ 16-22 Vito/ 16-22 MetrisW639EC002PP(B)-BE2no
Fit for 08-13 Benz C class/09-12 E class/09-12 E-Couper/08-12 GLK(Square air conditioner)W204,X204EC002PP(B)-BE2no
Fit for 04-11 Benz SLK/07-10 CLS(need confirm gear selector)/04-11 CLK/06-11 G class(non Chrome plated steering) /06-08 E class/04-07 C CLASS EC002PP(B)-BE2no
Fit for 06-11 Benz ML/06-08 GL/07-17 R class/06-13 S class( take confirm ignition cylinder) EC002PP(B)-BE2no
Fit for  10-15 Benz Viano/10-15 Vito/ 09-16 Sprinter  EC002PP(B)-BE2no