Push button start stop system for Car

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EASYGUARD RFID car alarm system with push button start & Transponder Immobilizer engine lock or unlock DC12V

Item No. EC004

Key Features:

1. Arm/disarm
2. Push button start stop

rfid card lock unlock
push button start stop

Main feature

1. Arm/lock: Turn ACC off and the car is stopped, then the system will automatically enter arming mode after 15 seconds.

2. Disarm/unlock: In arming mode, when the responder gets close to (about 2-5cm) the black loop wire, the system will sound “Bi, Bi”, which indicates the system been disarmed and user can start the car now.

3. Push button start

A. When step on foot pedal

In disarm status, step on foot pedal and short press the push button once, the car will be started. Car starting time is around 0.7 second. The LED indicator will keep lighting on once the car is started.


B. When do not step on foot pedal

In disarm status, do not step on foot pedal and short press the push button once will turn on ACC. Press the push button once again will turn on ON dashboard and press it once again will turn OFF.

C. Once the car is stopped for more than 15 seconds, need to unlock the car first, then press the push button.

4. Push button to stop

5. Keep pressing the push button for around 3 seconds to start/stop the car

6. Programming method (see user manual)