Smartphone APP control Car Alarm System

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EASYGUARD Smartphone APP car alarm remote starter with passive keyless entry push start button NFC lock unlock & touch password keypad & 4G GPS tracking

Item No. EC002

Key Features:

1. PKE-passive keyless entry
2. remote engine start and stop
3. Upgrade key start to Push start button
4. Smartphone APP control & 4G GPS tracking (optional)
5. NFC lock/unlock(optional)
6. Touch password keypad(optional)

Main feature

Choose your versions

EASYGUARD EC002 Version comparison
OptionsItem No. NFC lock/unlockShock sensorSmartphone lock/unlockAPP lock/unlock4G GPS trackingTouch password keypad entryLCD key
Option 1EC002-NFCXXXXX
Option 2EC002-NFC-NSXXXX
Option 3EC002XXXXXX
Option 4EC002-NSXXXXX
Option 5BT001XXXXX
Option 6GPS002-AA XXXX
Option 7CustomizePossiblePossiblePossiblePossiblePossiblePossiblePossible
Note: BT001 & GPS002-AA can’t work alone, need to work with EC002 series products together)  

More function

Push button start/stop
PKE-passive keyless entry
4G Smartphone App control(optional)
Remote engine start/stop
NFC lock/unlock (optional)
Touch password keypad(optional)
Manual arm/lock & disarm/unlock
Mute/audible alarm
Remote trunk release
Panic mode
Valet mode on/off setting

Shift among ACC ON OFF
Shock alarm warning
Door illegal opening warning
Central door locking automation
Emergency override
Automatic window closing (optional)
Password revise & reset
Parameter prolong setting
Programming method
FSK technology & rolling code