The Cost of EasyGuard’s Automatic Car Starter for Toyota

As winter chill or summer heat grips your surroundings, the prospect of stepping into a perfectly conditioned car becomes a luxury worth considering. EasyGuard, a trusted name in automotive accessories, brings forth a solution that not only elevates your driving experience but also offers the convenience of remote start. We explore the cost and features of EasyGuard’s Remote Starter System, specifically designed for Toyota vehicles.

The Cost of EasyGuard's Automatic Car Starter for Toyota

Understanding EasyGuard’s Remote Starter System :

EasyGuard’s Remote Starter System, labeled as Item No.EC212PP(B)-T602, stands out as a sophisticated yet user-friendly solution for Toyota owners seeking the luxury of warming or cooling their vehicle remotely. Priced competitively, this system offers a range of key features that make it a valuable addition to your car.

Key Features:

  1. Remote Start & Stop:

    • Utilize your factory key fob to remotely start and stop your vehicle.
    • Upgrade your OEM remote, adding the convenience of pre-conditioning your car.
  2. Plug and Play Installation:

    • Easy installation without causing damage to the car circuit.
    • Designed for hassle-free setup, making it an accessible upgrade for car enthusiasts.
  3. CAN BUS Compatible:

    • Ensures compatibility with your vehicle’s Controller Area Network (CAN BUS) system.
    • Enhances communication between various components, ensuring seamless integration.
  4. Fit for Cars with Original Push Start Button:

    • Specifically designed for vehicles featuring the original push start button.
    • Tailored to integrate seamlessly with your Toyota’s existing features.
  5. Automatic Transmission & Petrol Cars Only:

    • Ideal for vehicles with automatic transmission for a smooth start.
    • Specifically designed for petrol cars, ensuring compatibility with the fuel system.
  6. Open Door Shut Down:

    • Safety feature ensuring the engine shuts down if a door is opened after remote start.
    • Enhances security and prevents unauthorized access to your running vehicle.
  7. New Programming Required:

    • Requires new programming for the remote starter.
    • Customizable to suit your preferences, ensuring a personalized experience.


Understanding the Cost :

Understanding the Cost :

The cost of an automatic car starter for a Toyota can vary based on several factors, including the specific model and year of your Toyota, the type of automatic starter system you choose, and whether you plan to install it yourself or have it professionally installed. The cost for a basic remote car starter system could range from $50 to $200, while more advanced systems with additional features could cost $200 or more.

The cost of EasyGuard’s Remote Starter System for Toyota vehicles is a worthwhile investment in the comfort and convenience of your daily commute. Pricing can vary based on factors such as the model of your Toyota, installation requirements, and any additional features you may choose to include.

It’s important to note that the benefits of this automatic car starter extend beyond the initial cost. The value lies in the enhanced driving experience, the time saved by pre-conditioning your vehicle, and the added security features that come with the system.

Installation costs may vary, and it’s advisable to consult with authorized dealers or professional installers to ensure a seamless integration with your Toyota. While the system is designed for plug-and-play installation, professional assistance can guarantee optimal performance and adherence to your vehicle’s specifications.


EasyGuard’s Remote Starter System, designed for Toyota vehicles, offers a cost-effective solution to elevate your driving experience. Packed with features like remote start, plug-and-play installation, and CAN BUS compatibility, this system is a game-changer for those seeking convenience and comfort. The initial investment not only covers t

EC212PP(B)-T602-1 (9)
CAN BUS Compatible.

he product but also translates into long-term benefits, making it a valuable addition for Toyota owners looking to enhance their daily commute. Upgrade your driving experience with EasyGuard’s Automatic Car Starter and redefine the way you start your journey.