Universal Keyless Entry System manufacturer

Security is a top priority for most homeowners and businesses. The need for convenient and secure access control systems has never been greater. EasyGuard, a well-known manufacturer of keyless entry systems, has recently launched its Universal Keyless Entry System with Remote Control (EC201-M9), which offers unparalleled convenience and advanced security features. This article will provide an in-depth look at the key features and benefits of this innovative product.

keyless entry system manufacturer

1. Remote Lock/Unlock:

One of the most convenient features of the EC201-M9 is its ability to be controlled remotely. With the touch of a button on your smartphone or tablet, you can unlock or lock your doors from anywhere in the world. This is especially useful for those who frequently forget their keys or have visitors who need access at odd hours. The remote lock/unlock feature ensures that you always have control over your home or business security.

2. Remote Trunk Release:

Another useful feature of the EC201-M9 is its ability to release trunks automatically when the door is locked or unlocked. This eliminates the need for anyone to get out of their car to manually open the trunk, making it easier and more convenient for drivers. Additionally, this feature helps to prevent theft by keeping your car hidden from view until you are ready to use it.

3. Panic Mode:

EasyGuard’s Universal Keyless Entry System comes with a built-in panic mode that allows you to trigger a loud siren or flashing lights to deter potential intruders. This feature provides an added layer of security and can be particularly useful in emergency situations. When triggered, the panic mode will immediately alert authorities and potentially scare off an intruder, giving you time to call for help.

Universal Keyless Entry System manufacturer

4. Electromic Lock/Pneumatic Lock Optional:

The EC201-M9 offers flexibility in terms of locking mechanisms, with the option to choose between an electromechanical lock or a pneumatic lock. Both types of locks are highly secure and can provide reliable protection against forced entry. The choice between the two depends on your specific needs and preferences, as well as your budget.

5. 1 or 2 Pulse Locking & Unlocking Output Setting:

The EC201-M9 allows you to set the output setting for the locking mechanism to either pulse or sound. Pulse settings are ideal for discreet installation, as they do not produce any visible light or noise. Sound settings, on the other hand, are more noticeable but can still provide effective security against potential intruders. The choice between these two settings depends on your personal preference and the level of security you require.

6. Programming Switch:

The programming switch on the EC201-M9 allows you to easily change the code for your keyless entry system. This is especially useful if you need to give a spare key to a trusted friend or family member, or if you want to change the code after a period of time to improve security. The programming switch ensures that your system remains up-to-date and secure at all times.

EasyGuard’s Universal Keyless Entry System with Remote Control (EC201-M9) is a top-of-the-line product that offers unparalleled convenience and advanced security features. Its remote lock/unlock, remote trunk release, panic mode, electromic lock/pneumatic lock optional, 1 or 2 pulse locking & unlocking output setting, and programming switch make it an excellent choice for homeowners and businesses alike. With its sleek design and robust functionality, the EC201-M9 is sure to enhance the security and convenience of your property.