remote starter system fit for Lexus

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EASYGUARD Plug & Play Remote Starter System fit for Remote Starter for Lexus gas engine car with Original Push Start Button Automation transmission

Item No.EC212PP(B)-LT202

Key Features:

  1. Remote start & stop (Use your factory existed key fob).
  2. Upgrade your OEM remote with remote start function and warm or cool your vehicle in advance.
  3. Plug and play installation & no damage on car circuit.
  4. CAN BUS Compatible.
  5. Fit for Cars with Original Push Start Button Only.
  6. Automatic Transmission & Petrol Cars Only. 
  7. Open door shut down
  8. Need to do a new programming on the remote starter.
We have more Remote starter available for other Lexus cars and other brands
CompatibilityCar Model No.YearModel No.
Fit for LexusFit for LX5702016-2019EC212PP(B)-LT202
Fit for IS2502014-2018
Fit for IS3002014-2018
Fit for IS3502014-2018
Fit for LX450D2019-2020
Fit for NX2002015-2019
Fit for NX300H2015-2019
Fit for RC3002015-2019
Fit for RX3002016-2019
Fit for RX3502016-2019
Fit for ES300H2013-2017EC212PP(B)-LT302
Fit for ES2002013-2017
Fit for ES3502013-2017
Fit for ES200H2013-2017
Fit for GS3502013-2018
Fit for GS450H2013-2018
Fit for RX450H2016-2018
Fit for ES3502018-2020EC212PP(B)-LT802